Dock Road

Edwardian Pumping Station

Weir Street, Northwich, Cheshire

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The interior of the Dock Road station, showing one of the two Crossley ‘N’ Type gas engines and Hayward Tyler pumps.

THE ENGINES at the Dock Road Edwardian Pumping Station in Northwich are not unique: there are quite a few of these early 20th century machines in museums and private collections.  But,, unlike other examples of this model, these Crossley ’N’ Type engines are still in their original setting and still coupled to their original Hayward Tyler 3-cylinder pumps.

When possible, the wardens run one or both of the engines, pumping water to demonstrate the system.

This website is being redeveloped and extended and we will be adding more information about the station and about some of the work that has been done over the last couple of decades to restore and refurbish the building and its machinery.

So please bookmark this page and revisit from time to time.

You are welcome to browse around this website. It’s currently being redeveloped, so please bookmark it and check back often to see new developments.

Better still, come along to Dock Road and see the real thing!

And, while you’re in the area, why not combine your Dock Road experience with a visit to our near neighbours, the Weaver Hall Museum and Workhouse, just beyond the viaduct on London Road.

The museum is the definitive home of the history of Northwich.

Dock Road is open to the public every Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday from 2:00pm until 5:00pm, from Easter Sunday to the last Sunday in September.  There is no entry fee but small donations (say 50p per adult) are always welcome to help with the day-to-day running costs.

We are also available for group visits, given reasonable notice and subject to a Warden being available.

Please see the “Where are we?” page for details of how to get in touch.





Great Easter weekend to start the season!

We’ll be back next Sunday and every Sunday & Bank Holiday from now to the end of September - and if your group would like to visit any other time, do get in touch!